Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide and Rx Pad

Take the first step toward seizing control of your health through the power of your food choices.

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Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide

You have the power to protect your health and prevent disease if you’re willing to learn about and embrace a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet. Click to order hard copies of this beautiful resource.

Nutrición Basada en Plantas Guía Rápida para Comenzar

Usted tiene el poder para proteger su salud y prevenir la enfermedad si usted está dispuesto a conocer y abrazar a un alimento, dieta predominantemente entera a base de plantas. Comprar copias impresas de este hermoso recurso.

Pediatric Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide

This guide is meant to be a child-focused supplement to our original Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide, which is filled with a tremendous amount of information and provides a wonderful summary of the benefits of a plant-based diet. You can click to order hard copies of this beautiful resource.

Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation of The Plantrician Project’s Quick Start Guide is the perfect complement to the hard copy of the guide. This presentation allows you to visually present the concepts in the Quick Start Guide while people follow along in the hard copy of the guide. So, if you’re teaching a class or just want visually and verbally articulate the concepts of a plant-based lifestyle to patients, clients or friends, this presentation is just the tool to help.

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Rx Pads: Prescription for Life

These 50-sheet pads enable you to ‘prescribe’ an educational treatment approach—empowering patients to take back control of their health, starting with a recommended viewing of the life-changing documentary Forks Over Knives!

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Your tax deductible contributions are what enable us to do what we do, which includes developing educational tools for clinicians and those they serve. If you find this Quick Start Guide to be a valuable resource, please consider making a tax deductible contribution.

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