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In view of our alarming chronic disease trends, we are facing a looming pandemic with incalculable consequences. The same can be said for many of our most pressing global sustainability issues.

The good news is that a major cause of both and solution for both is one and the same: our food choices. Our industrialized Western diet is the cause. Humanity’s shift to a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet is the solution.

The question: How do we effectively reach, inspire and guide Americans—and other peoples of the Western world and emerging economies—in making the shift from the Standard American Diet to the whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle that is optimal for both human health, healthcare system sustainability and global resource preservation?

Physicians and healthcare professionals hold the key—they are often the gatekeepers of patient and client dietary recommendations. Individuals may read books and watch films that espouse the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle; but, until physicians and other wellness practitioners understand and embrace the benefits and, in turn, promote patient adoption, this dietary shift on a broad scale will be elusive.

Introducing…The Plantrician Project, a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation—the galvanizing force designed to reach physicians and healthcare professionals, both here and abroad, with a multi-faceted initiative that educates, equips and empowers them and their patients and clients, paving the way for a shift to a plant-based lifestyle.

Please consider joining us as a Plantrician Project Partner. Assist in propelling this health-promoting, world-changing mission and message. We’re planting the seeds of change for healthy people and a healthy world!

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